Saturday, 29 September 2012

2 Dimensional Design: Self Portrait (II)

hey it's me again :) of course, who else right? haha. this post is about 2 Dimensional Design which is another class that mr. charles that is teaching us. so what kind of assignment that he is giving us again? wondering?? :]
which is doing another self portrait by using NATURAL MATERIALS. don't think this is childish, no, it's all adults work (: don't believe? determine with your own eyes then.

before doing it, we have to collect our natural material. so i went out to the garden for half an hour to pluck leaves and pick up some stones, end up mosquito bites everywhere. >:( but thank God that i have killed one! muahahah. revenge achieve! the mosquito is enjoying sucking my blood so much. serve it right. hahha.

back to the topic, (: the materials that i have prepared such as :

  • different types of leaves
  • stones 
  • flowers
  • macaroni
  • toothpick
  • onion 
  • different colours of thread
  • string
  • straw
  • satay stick 
  • black sesame seed 
  • red and green beans  
all of us are enjoying the process of doing it <= some of our friends are enjoying taking their own self photo. need tips? haha. boys of course cause they are shy to take without a reason >:}

(don't mind if is lower than your expectations >:) 

>> My work :)                                          

   COMPARE TO The pic down  there. my self portrait. haha. nahh, how i wish i could be them. haha :

>> minions :D <3

>> Another self portrait [brighter version]


the real comparison 



                                                               >> my real self portrait

Kind of alike? i think so. haha. try to do it yourself. you may come out with lots of surprises :) bE CreATivE! that's all for this post. CHIAO :}

PS: sorry nature, i have pluck more of your leaves than i expected. i will be more careful next time :o

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